Darkness breeds darkness

how often do we play God

creating people in our own images too?

we meet angels; persons of pure hearts and kind souls

and turn them into demons; creatures with sole intents to steal, kill and destroy

because those are the qualities we see in ourselves

we shatter all the mirrors that show others how beautiful they are

and usher them into pitch darkness

while convincing them that darkness is the only fit for them

how many times do we hide people’s flashlights

so that they get lost in the darkness with us?

how many times do we let our brothers fall

then brainwash them into thinking that the footstool is way better than the throne?



Because I am a woman

They question my reasons for working too hard

Sometimes, they boldly lecture me on the dangers of putting my career before my social life

They say women with flourishing careers are not submissive enough for marriage

Poor them!

No man comes before my dreams, I reiterate

I am among the breed of women who have been modeled by life into lionesses; despite the strength of the men in our lives,

we still brave the cold everyday to be able to put bread and butter on the table

We feed not at the table of the freeloaders

So I let them scorn me all they want

then proudly wake up every single morning and show up to be counted among the economic trailblazers

Because I am a woman!1655


Dear shoe,

Dear shoe that does not fit me anymore,

you know I only wear you because you are the only one I have

and you are not worried about me abandoning you no matter how horrible you treat me sometimes,

I have countless blisters because you pinch me too hard,

the numerous fungal infections I have in my feet are because of you,

yet I do not know how to stop wearing you.

I know that there are many shoes in the market that will give me the comfort and security that I need,

but my mind, body and spirit refuse to let you go.

My friends say I look stunning in you and wish that they had you for themselves, they say I should never throw you away even if you’re getting a little unbearable to wear,

I bet they are oblivious of the hell you put me through.

It is only the wearer of the shoe who knows where it pinches the most so maybe everyone is going through the same problem, I convince myself, and refrain from sharing my troubles with anyone else.

So I wear you daily and risk losing my feet to fungi,

I wear you daily and bear with the pain all day rather than throw you away and look for something more comfortable.

I put a strong front daily to mask the immense pain you put me through.

My feet have known no other shoe and though we have outgrown each other,

I stay with you to impress my friends, to savor the feeling of home.

You have taught me that I have no say in the pain, that mine is to take and take

till my feet fall off and I have a scar to show for my pain.




Place of safety

Come find me when you hear the whisper of your name in an empty room

Come find me when you hear the rustling of bushes near your window at midnight

Come find me when your door suddenly opens but there is no one at the door

Come find me when your telephone consistently rings but no one speaks when you answer

Come find me when a giant shadow appears in front of you but there is no object around

Come find me when piercing screams erupt from the abandoned building near your house at night

Come find me when your lights go out during a storm and the silhouette of the trees look like monsters, ready to attack you

Come find me whenever you feel afraid

I may not be around as often as you want

but I will always be here whenever you need me

I will always be your place of safety


Mountain move!

Whenever I feel afraid

Scared that my store of strength has been raided

And there seems to be no anchor to hold my drowning self

I remember my faith, a mustard seed small

And I know that with Christ I will not fall

Because everything to Him belongs

Then I am convinced that even during cold nights long

Or hot days when the sun is too strong

The King has a son

Who sleeps not

During the night He will leap

Crawl through my window

Calm my storms

Then out I will storm

With victory songs on my lips

Since my triumph is guaranteed, I know its just about time

Before my sorrows sublime

Good times are ahead

So I need to worry not my little head

For I am the princess of He who reigns

I bear the fruit of He who is faithful

I will tell the mountains to move

Then sit aside with a smile

Victory is my mantra

Mountain move!


Well, she prefers the front door

Seal your windows, stuff your ventilation,

She knows she’s right, keep to yourself your validations,

Who tells you she needs an attorney, don’t you see she has the jury?

You soothe her in private, what are you waiting for, a purr?

Well, you are wrong, affirmative action for women  is nothing more than a policy.

She knows of the leveled playing ground, she’s here for her legacy,

Dare you not point the loopholes for her, she needs them not,

She has a plan to make it despite the temperatures hot,

Who said women are merely ornaments?

Who calls them ‘just complements’?

Where does the law state that they come second?

I will never apologize for being anti ‘give women free posts so their numbers match men’s ‘ campaign,

For I believe that they have it in them to take the long way,

They do not need helping hands to achieve their dreams,

They do not need the approval of anyone to do anything,

No corners need to be cut,

They have all it takes, to pick it from the bottom,

Show them the front door,

That’s their preference!


The storms behind my smiles

That million-dollar smile that is permanently etched on my thin face,

is maybe a defense mechanism against your ‘are you okays’ .

The stream of pep-talk oozing from my mouth so very often,

is maybe the encouragement I need from my friends.

Those nasty sarcastic comments I make,

are maybe literal; sincere words from my heart of stone.

Those pieces of bread I leave at your door-step every morning,

are maybe the only food I have; products of self-denial.

So do not belittle my presents,

Do not ignore my pleas,

You are maybe the only string still attached to me above the cliff,

Listen calmly to the words I do not say,

Touch my intangible soul, feel the warmth,

Give me hope, lift me up,

Coz maybe you are all I have,

Maybe I am not okay,

Maybe I am hurting,

Maybe I am starving,

Maybe I need your help,

Do not pass me by,

Maybe you are God’s answer to my prayers.